13240745_239674833057690_48916203928617926_nAgriculture, for both subsistence and income, is a central part of our vision.

We currently grow our own vegetables and some fruit. As we grow, we plan to grow most, if not all, of our own food. Since we’re in Virginia with northbound hikers coming through in May and June, this means growing lots of strawberries! We’ve been preserving what we grow too: tomato sauce, fermented salsa, peppers, watermelon juice, and sweet corn just to list a few.

Together we also have over 13 years of experience in vegetable seed production. Edmund and Sapphyre are co-founders of a new retail seed business/seed growers cooperative called Common Wealth Seed Growers. Seed production and operation of the retail part of the cooperative will be central sources of income for the community as well as provide year-round employment in meaningful paid work.

We will try our hand at the Lexington and Roanoke Farmer’s markets this winter as well. We’ll be offering certified organic winter squash, greens, medicinal herbs and seeds.

Visitors and hikers will have an opportunity to enjoy our food and atmosphere. If they wish they can also plug into the satisfying, meaningful and connecting work of feeding ourselves and of stewarding the land, the plants, and the seeds.