Hikers Welcome

13417700_10208530315288175_5070479537932044446_nWelcoming hikers is an important part of what we do. We provide hikers with a place to rest, shower*, socialize, and to eat healthy food. At the same time that we welcome hikers, we want to make sure that we create an atmosphere that allows us to continue to focus on our farming. As such, if a hiker is going to stay more than 24 hours, we ask that they contribute by helping with the domestic and/or farm work. Alternatively, we understand that hikers may be worn out and looking for just a place to rest in which case we ask for $30 a day.

We especially want visits from hikers who are interested in what we’re doing, with the hope that hikers may want to come back and join our project once they’re finished with their A.T. adventure.