Service and Activism

We don’t want to be a utopian escape any more than we want to be a consumerist escape – we will be engaged in and aware of the broader world around us. Not that we will dwell every hour on what is wrong and disturbing in the world, but as a community we will support and encourage members in pursuing social justice and environmental activism. As a community we will hold our decisions and actions in context. We do not want to live in denial of the real effects of our actions or of the real relationships we participate in.

Activities we envision actively engaging from our community include writing letters to prisoners and working to reform the racism of the criminal justice system; involvement in the climate movement; involvement in the local food and sustainable agriculture movements; challenging corporate culture and corporate control; involvement in seed stewardship and in stemming the tide of corporations controlling our food supply and seed supply.

As importantly, along these lines, we want to help create a powerful and positive alternative model that addresses the alienation, dis-empowerment and disconnection of our culture and creates positive and transformative change.

We want to work hard to get to know our neighbors and to be a positive presence in the local community, hosting community events, skill-shares, festivals, and helping out with whatever people want help with. We want to be of service to our neighbors and to uphold an atmosphere of kindness, hospitality and mutual aid with everyone we meet.

We take inspiration from the countless people and countless movements around the world and through history that have fought and organized for something better than militarism, inequality, alienation, hierarchy, exploitation of the earth, and exploitation of each other. That have organized, worked and created in the spirit of generosity, sharing, mutual empowerment, spiritual connection with each other and spiritual connection with the earth.