Sustainability and Resilience

256px-mafate_marla_solar_panel_dsc00633The average level of American consumption of consumer goods and fossil fuel is not sustainable, not good for the planet, and not fair to the majority of people living on Earth who can’t live that way. We want the strength and resilience that comes with knowing how to meet many of our own basic needs; and we want to work to lessen our ecological footprint.

Living in a community where people share resources and income has a major impact on the level of consumption by the individuals living there. Sharing is the most important sustainable technology.

We also plan to employ: solar hot water systems, DC solar electric systems, spring houses, bicycle-powered appliances, passive solar construction, homemade biogas digesters, rocket stoves, wood heat, and bicycle transportation. Our businesses will need to be connected to the electrical grid, but we envision that our living spaces will not be. Our agricultural systems will be designed to complement each other and to cycle nutrients where they’re needed on the farm.

We also will work to deepen our knowledge of plant-based healing.

Currently, we are on-grid in our technologies, which we deem temporary as we get established. We do not use climate control with the exception of our seed/herb drying room. We use sustainably harvested wood for heat.